K5-8th grade Spanish


  • Upper Spanish Level I are taught in Middle School throughout grades 6, 7 and 8.

  • By the end of grade 8, students should be prepared for Level II Spanish, for Upper School.  

  • Curriculum meets the Common Core State Standards supporting evidence in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in a Foreign Language.

Students will use communication, practice activities, comprehensible input, meaningful context in language learning, understanding vocabulary and grammar, building cultural perspectives, and using strategies for success along with other supportive materials. 

Elementary Spanish will learn the basics of the language so  that they will be prepared for Spanish level one starting in the sixth grad. They will learn common phrases and vocabulary as well as pronunciation. In addition, they will learn cultural perspectives of various Spanish-speaking countries. 


St. Peter Claver Catholic School 

School Hours: 7:50 am- 3:20 pm 

133 Ward St. Macon, GA | 31204

478-743-3985 | 478-743-0054 (Fax)

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